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3D Illustration of human lungs

Respiratory System in Vertebrate Animals

Learn about how different animals breathe, from fish to humans.

Anatomical images of different animals

Musculoskeletal Systems in the Animal Kingdom

Learn how animals move themselves with the help of their muscles and skeletons.


Mammals: Omnivores

10 images of some warm-blooded vertebrate animals such as brown bears and chimpanzees that eat a diet of plants and animals

Head of an Elk

Mammals: Herbivores

15 images of some warm-blooded vertebrate animals such as cows, deer and giraffes that eat plant vegetation


Mammals: Carnivores

14 images of warm-blooded vertebrate animals such as cats, polar bears and wolves that eat meat and other animal tissue

Bird near a wind farm

How do Wind Farms Affect Birds and Bats?

Wind energy generates a lot of electricity in Canada. But wind turbines can be dangerous for wildlife.

Dinosaur footprint fossil

How did dinosaurs leave fossils behind?

Using a toy dinosaur and some plaster of Paris, learn how dinosaur footprints could become fossils.

How big were dinosaurs?

How big were dinosaurs?

Some dinosaurs were very big! Compare the sizes of different dinosaurs to the sizes of familiar objects you see in your community.

Blue Jay

Birds: Songbirds

10 images of some birds such as finches, chickadees and cardinals that produce sounds and calls in a musical way


Birds: Raptors (Birds of Prey)

5 images of predatory birds that hunt and feed on other animals such as eagles, the Great Horned Owl and vultures


Birds: Landfowl

4 images of some birds that are heavy-bodied and ground feeders such as turkeys, pheasants and peacocks

African Penguins

Birds: Flightless

4 images of some birds such as emus and penguins that have less developed or small wings and have evolved over time not to be able to fly

White Swan

Birds: Aquatic

12 images of some birds such as seagulls, puffins, ducks and Canada Geese that live on or around freshwater or saltwater habitats


Animals: Babies and Adults

20 images of animal pairs such as polar bears, turtle, dogs and birds in their juvenile and adult stages of life