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Earth and Space

Brianna Lummerding kneeling by a plastic hoop in a grassy field collecting samples

Brianna Lummerding

Career Profiles

Agronomic Innovation Manager

I look after all things related to soil management for a group of retailers.
A family watches an eclipse

Eclipse Watching

Hands-on Activities

Things to do on solar eclipse day!

Two cartoon people watching a solar eclipse

Let’s Learn About Solar Eclipses


Students will learn about solar eclipses by role-playing the Sun, the Moon and the Earth.

Lenny and Lexie wearing eclipse glasses

Lenny and Lexie Get Ready for a Solar Eclipse

Hands-on Activities

Help Lenny and Lexie get ready for a solar eclipse using your unplugged coding skills.

Child using box eclipse viewer

Three Ways to Make a Solar Eclipse Viewer

Hands-on Activities

Safely view a solar eclipse by making and using a pinhole solar eclipse viewer.

portrait de Sarah Elliott-Le Dreff

Sarah Elliott-Le Dreff (she/her)

Career Profiles

Senior Manager, Project Controls

I lead a team that provides cost, schedule, risk, and reporting services to the Darlington New Nuclear Project, which will build Canada's first grid scale Small Modular Reactor.
Andrea Bellingham

Andrea Bellingham (she/her)

Career Profiles

Emergency Management Programs Officer (Nuclear Engineer)

I work to prevent potential nuclear emergencies.
portrait de Brittany Tyler

Brittany Tyler (she/her)

Career Profiles

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Officer

I negotiate and implement Canada's nuclear non-proliferation import and export policy.
Charlotte Cockburn standing in front of signs indicating distance to a variety of locations from Alert, Nunavut.

Charlotte Cockburn (she/her)

Career Profiles

Physical Scientist

I make sure we can monitor the weather all across Canada.
Portrait de Gabriel Hould Gosselin

Gabriel Hould Gosselin

Career Profiles

Research Associate

I support teams that collect data on the melting permafrost layer in the arctic.
Sunrise over Earth from Space

Why is there day and night?


Students will learn about how the earth rotates on its axis which creates the cycle of night and day.

Lunar eclipse

The Earth Moon System


Answers to some common questions about Earth’s Moon.

Lunar lander floating above the moon, with the Earth in the background

Let's Talk Space Exploration Resources


Discover a set of resources to develop background knowledge on the topic of space exploration.

Earthworms living in healthy black soil

Healthy Soil


Students will explore the composition and characteristics of different local soils and learn about what makes soil healthy.

Flood water with traffic sign submerged.

Earth Month: Climate Change


Discover the probable causes, likely effects, and potential ways to mitigate climate change.