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Tyler Mohard wearing lab coat and hair net as he works in the SyLMAND lab

Tyler Morhart (video)

Career Profiles

Scientist, Beamline Responsible - SyLMAND

I am responsible for the SyLMAND beamline at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron facility.
Light meter in front of solar eclipse

Learning About Lux: Light and Solar Eclipses


Students will observe, measure, record and graph light levels during a real or simulated solar eclipse.

Tyler Morhart headshot

Tyler Morhart (he/him)

Career Profiles

Scientist, Beamline Responsible - SyLMAND

I’m a staff scientist at the Canadian Light Source synchrotron facility. I am responsible for the SyLMAND beamline.
portrait de Sarah Elliott-Le Dreff

Sarah Elliott-Le Dreff (she/her)

Career Profiles

Senior Manager, Project Controls

I lead a team that provides cost, schedule, risk, and reporting services to the Darlington New Nuclear Project, which will build Canada's first grid scale Small Modular Reactor.
Michael Leger standing in front of a boat tied to dock.

Michel Leger (he/him/they)

Career Profiles


I use sound and light to measure, describe and map the ocean floor.
Andrea Bellingham

Andrea Bellingham (she/her)

Career Profiles

Emergency Management Programs Officer (Nuclear Engineer)

I work to prevent potential nuclear emergencies.
portrait de Jigang Zhou

Jigang Zhou (he/him)

Career Profiles

Senior Industrial Scientist

I use synchrotron techniques to do scientific research that helps companies create new products.
portrait de Brittany Tyler

Brittany Tyler (she/her)

Career Profiles

Nuclear Non-Proliferation Officer

I negotiate and implement Canada's nuclear non-proliferation import and export policy.
Portrait de Evaline Warmels

Evaline Warmels

Career Profiles

Mechatronic Engineer

I design, build, and test devices that use electricity to do something that a human couldn't do on their own.
physical and chemical changes header

Exploring Physical and Chemical Changes


Students observe and classify physical and chemical changes of matter.

Evaline Warmels with lunar rover in background.

Evaline Warmels (Video)

Career Profiles

Mechatronical Engineer

As an electrical engineer at Canadensys, I help build robots (lunar landers) that will explore the surface of the moon.
Portrait de Mike Stanzel

Mike Stanzel

Career Profiles

Technical Sales Manager

I’m a sales professional who specializes in selling technical or scientific products.
Portrait de Megan Katz

Megan Katz

Prosthetic Technician

Megan is a prosthetic technician who makes and repairs artificial limbs.
Flood water with traffic sign submerged.

Earth Month: Climate Change


Discover the probable causes, likely effects, and potential ways to mitigate climate change.

Seedling with sunlight

Light & Plants


Learn about the process of photosynthesis and how it is affected by light levels.