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starliner spacesuit testing

Living Space

Students will measure environmental conditions such as temperature, CO2, and relative humidity in their classroom and submit the data to a national database.

Four Harvard training aircraft

How Planes Fly

Learn about what gets planes up in the air, what keeps them up there, and what brings them down again.

The three RADARSAT Constellation Mission spacecraft

7 ways Satellites Help Fight Climate Change

Discover 7 ways satellite Earth observation helps fight climate change.

Weather map of Canada

Weather: Atmospheric Pressure

Learn about the layers of the atmosphere, atmospheric pressure, pressure systems and fronts.

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

What is the Greenhouse Effect?

Explore the greenhouse effect and learn about the impacts it can have on the environment.

Stratus Clouds

Weather: Stratus Clouds

5 images of stratus clouds that cover a wide horizontal layer in the sky at low level and are often associated with rain or drizzle

Fluffy snow on deciduous tree

Weather: Snow

10 images of some snowflake crystals and some winter scenes with snow

Cumulus Clouds

Weather: Cumulus Clouds

5 images of cumulus clouds that are white, puffy clouds with a flat base at mid level and are often associated with fair weather


Weather: Conditions

11 images that illustrate some daily weather conditions such as cold, hot and windy

Cirrus Clouds

Weather: Cirrus Clouds

5 images of cirrus clouds that are wispy or feather-like clouds at high level, made of ice crystals and may indicate an approaching storm

Weather Vane

Tools: Weather Instruments

15 images of various instruments such as rain gauges, wind vanes and weather satellites used to inform us about the weather

Students looking bored in class

Is There Too Much Carbon Dioxide in Your Classroom?

Did you know that too much carbon dioxide in the classroom can affect your body, and even your grades?

Scott Kelly et Terry Virts inspectent le système d’élimination du dioxyde de carbone de la SSI (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)

Carbon Dioxide on Earth and on the ISS

Carbon dioxide is an important part of the air on Earth and in space. What is carbon dioxide? How is it measured? How can it affect us mentally and physically?