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Structures and Mechanisms: Stability

Insulated food containers

Design and Build an Insulated Food Container

Students will design and build a prototype of a device to keep food cold for a specified time.

Michaella Chemello cuisinant et servant des crêpes au Stampede de Calgary

Michaella Chemello

Engineer in Training (Civil)

I am a Civil/Structural Engineer-In-Training at Fluor Canada.
Ryley Gray

Ryley Gray

Civil Structural Design Engineer

Ryley Gray is a Civil Structural Design Engineer for Fluor Canada Ltd.
Hut on a tiny island

How can we build a structure that protects toy people from wind?

Design and build a structure that protects toy people from the wind.

Students in a makerspace

Makerspaces for Educators

A makerspace is a collaborative space where anyone can create, tinker, invent and learn by making.

Anghel Saligny Bridge

Why is a Triangle a Strong Shape?

Triangles are very strong shapes which makes them important when building strong and stable structures

Screen shot from Solutioneers Episode 2

The Solutioneers Week 2: Ready to Roll

This week's episodes and hands-on activity explore re-engineering.

Children on teeter-totter

Simple Machines - Levers

The lever is a type of simple machine. Learn about the different classes of levers and how they provide mechanical advantage.

Camilla Sullivan

Camilla Sullivan

Tower and Mobile Crane Operator

Camilla Sullivan is a Tower and Mobile Crane Operator, located in Newfoundland.
Hammer and nails

Which Fastener is Best?

Students will learn about the different types of fasteners to investigate which fastener is best for a particular material or job and why.

Circular Saw

Tools: Power

10 images of some tools such as belt sanders and table saws that use an electric motor rather than requiring manual labour

Assorted Wrenches

Tools: Hand

16 images of some tools such as hammers, saws and drills that are operated by hand and do not require electricity

CN Tower, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Structures: Statues And Towers

8 images including the Statue of Liberty and various towers from around the world such as the Eiffel Tower, CN Tower and Xi'an Bell Tower

Inukshuk, Hudson Bay, Canada

Structures: In Canada

7 images of structures in Canada such as an Inukshuk, CN Tower and the Parliament Building including their locations

Great Pyramids At Giza, Egypt

Structures: Historical

11 images of structures with historical significance from different civilizations such as pyramids, statues on Easter Island and Stonehenge