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Strand B: Cells

Jose Chiriboga headshot

Jose Chiriboga (he/him)

Career Profiles

Senior Scientific Support Associate

With my team, I create and deliver training programs to explain how our products can be used to support scientific research and innovation.
A variety of plants

Parts of a Plant


What are the main parts of plants and what functions do these parts serve for plants?

Yetong Dong headshot wearing lab coat

Yetong Dong

Career Profiles

Research Assistant/Graduate Student

I am studying to become a scientific researcher.
Pepper plants on the ISS

Tropisms in Plants


Learn about the different ways that plants move in response to their environments.

Plant Cells with Visible Chloroplasts

Specialized Cells of the Leaf System


Learn about the structure and function of the cells in leaves.

Seedling with sunlight

Light & Plants


Learn about the process of photosynthesis and how it is affected by light levels.

Human lungs with scientists inside

Just Breathe: Lungs and Asthma


Learn about asthma and what scientists are doing to study it.

3D rendering of the human digestive system

How Animals Digest Their Food


Learn about how different animals digest their foods and the organs of their digestive systems.

3D Illustration of human lungs

Respiratory System in Vertebrate Animals


Learn about how different animals breathe, from fish to humans.

Anatomical images of different animals

Musculoskeletal Systems in the Animal Kingdom


Learn how animals move themselves with the help of their muscles and skeletons.

Soil and plant in hands

Experiment with plants!

STEM Explained

List of hand-on activities connected to plants

3D illustration of a human brain

Resources on Brains

STEM Explained

Resource page including articles, videos, and career profiles related to brains.

Outdoor crime scene

You Be the Crime Scene Investigator


Students will learn about crime scene investigation and its connections to cell biology and careers.

Labo de Heather McFarlane's

Heather E. McFarlane

Career Profiles

Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair in Plant Cell Biology

Heather R. McFarlane is an Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair in Plant Cell Biology for the University of Toronto.
Human kidney cross-section

Osmosis and Its Role in Human Biology and Health

STEM Explained

Learn how and where osmosis takes place in the digestive system and excretory system and the role of osmosis in kidney dialysis.