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BYO (Building Your Own) Timeline


This is an individual or whole class strategy which combines reading/viewing comprehension skills with critical thinking skills. Individually or in groups, students choose one or several points from the timeline and create a sub-timeline related to the selected point(s).

Why use it?

  • To examine events on a Canadian timeline in the context of a broader global timeline
  • To help students develop the understanding that scientific discoveries and innovations contribute to, and are part of, a larger body of knowledge
  • To consolidate learning after reading or viewing new material

Tips for success

  • The sub-timeline can begin with one or several points from the original timeline.
  • The final sub-timeline should be limited to a maximum of 10 new points.
  • Provide guidance to help students identify research or technology related to points on the Canadian timeline.
  • Provide guidance as necessary to help students with the final selection of points to include in the sub-timeline.
  • Use this strategy as a consolidation strategy after the related content has been discussed in detail.

How do I use it?

  • Have students explore an interactive timeline  individually or in pairs. If computer access is limited, provide students with a print copy of the timeline points and descriptions.
  • In groups of three, students discuss and choose one or more related events from the timeline to include in a sub-timeline of the topic.
  • Using a blank BYO Timeline Planning Support Form as a guide, students conduct research and collect information about other events related to their chosen topic.
  • Members of each group collaborate to agree upon the content and create a representative sub-timeline for this topic.
  • Each group shares their sub-timeline with the class
BYO Timeline Planning Support Form
BYO Timeline Planning Support Form


  • Students could be assigned timeline topics for which they conduct research and complete sub-timelines.
  • Each group could create an audio-visual presentation of their timeline and present to the class.


  • Combine the sub-timelines with the original points from the timeline to generate a more complete picture of the knowledge development related to the topic of the timeline.


Using this Strategy

Create Your Own

  • BYO Timeline Planning Support Form Reproducible (Google Doc) (PDF)

Create Your Own

  • BYO Timeline Planning Support Form Reproducible (Google Doc) (PDF)

Ready to Use

Ready to Use


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