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Video Review

Student viewing a video

Student viewing a video (tizkes, iStokphoto)

Student viewing a video

Student viewing a video (tizkes, iStokphoto)


This strategy helps students reflect upon and assess a video.

Why use it?

  • To develop critical thinking skills
  • To reflect on new knowledge using higher order thinking skills
  • To analyse and consolidate information
  • To communicate for a given audience and purpose

Tips for success

  • This strategy can work well with any video.
  • Students could do the video reviews in small groups rather than individually.
  • Student pieces could be posted on a class portal, etc. 

How do I use it?

  • Before the class, select a video/movie review that you wish to use as a sample. Reviews used on can be a good starting point. Bookmark the site.
  • Review with the class the purposes of an educational video review. These include:
    • To inform – the review needs to tell people who made the video, the type of video (e.g., interview, animation, etc.) and where it can be viewed
    • To describe - the review should describe what the video is about (the subject)
    • To analyze – the review provides an opinion on whether the video is good or not and why.
    • To advise - the review should tell the reader whether or not to watch the video and give it a rating out of five stars
  • Identify the audience for the review. It could be other students, teachers, etc.
  • Students can use the Video Review template to plan the review and record their ideas.
Video Review Reproducible Template
Video Review Reproducible Template


  • Have students with opposing viewpoints (one gave a good review, one a bad review) discuss and challenge each other’s reviews.
  • Summarize the class reviews. What is the average number of stars that the video received?
  • Use this strategy with other media, such as books, articles and movies.


  • Have students do additional external research to support or refute the claims and information in the article or video.
  • Have students conduct reviews of different media related to a specific theme or science concept. Compile and post the reviews to an online “learn more about…” page.


Create Your Own

Ready to Use


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