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Alex Himmelman devant l'immeuble où il travaille

Alex Himmelman

Atlantic Director

Alex Himmelman is the Atlantic Director for the Atlantic Canada Aerospace & Defense Association.
Boeing 777 Ecodemonstrator aircraft

Sustainable Aerospace Firsts

Learn how Boeing is making aviation more sustainable.

C-band radar

Making Waves with Radar

Learn about how the radar works, the history and its many real life applications.

B-58 Hustler in flight

Testing for Aviation Safety

Learn about some of the ways that aircraft and spacecraft are tested.

Otto Lilienthal's flying machine

A History of How Humans Learned to Fly

Learn how aviation pioneers from the world learned how to make humans fly!


Strange Shapes in the Sky: Stealth and Flying Wings

Learn about how and why engineers designed and built some very unique aircraft.

Four Harvard training aircraft

How Planes Fly

Learn about what gets planes up in the air, what keeps them up there, and what brings them down again.

Four forces acting on an aircraft

Four Forces of Flight

Learn about the four forces of flight.

Hot air balloons at dawn

Lighter Than Air Vehicles

Learn about history and workings of lighter than air vehicles.

Space lander

How can we land a model space probe?

Design and build a model space probe.

Peter Rautapuro | Ingénieur de systèmesIngénieur de systèmes

Peter Rautapuro

Systems Engineer

Peter Rautapuro is a Systems Engineer for MDS Aero Support Corporation.
Jasraj Chahal | Ingénieure en contrôle des systèmes

Jasraj Chahal

Control System Engineer

Jasraj Chahal is a Control System Engineer for Pratt & Whitney Canada.
AeroVelo's winning flight

The Hovering Human

Learn how a team of Canadian engineers used Bernoulli’s Principle to design a human-powered helicopter. It set a world record for human-powered hovering flight!

Wingsuit flying over Massachusetts

Soaring for Sport

Ever dreamed if overcoming gravity and flying away? Using aerodynamics, wingsuit jumpers get as close to flight as humanly possible.