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Computational Thinking

Ksenia Nadkina headshot

Ksenia Nadkina (she/her)

Software Developer

I create code for different types of software.
Lenny and Lexie

Lexie’s Holiday Wish List

Try this fun board game that develops your unplugged coding skills.

Andrew Brereton travaillant à l'ordinateur

Andrew E. Brereton

Computational Scientist

I write code that teaches computers how to design new drugs.

Computational Thinking

This backgrounder looks in depth at Computational Thinking (CT) and why it is important for today's students.

Stacy DuBois à la maison

Stacy DuBois

Business Intelligence Developer

Stacy DuBois is a Business Intelligence Developer for Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA).
Patrick Simmonds

Patrick Simmonds

Implementation Manager

Patrick Simmons is an Implementation Manager for Bell Canada.
Jasraj Chahal | Ingénieure en contrôle des systèmes

Jasraj Chahal

Control System Engineer

Jasraj Chahal is a Control System Engineer for Pratt & Whitney Canada.
Brigitte Potvin | Directrice de la recherche et ingénieure

Brigitte Potvin

Research Manager & Engineer

Brigitte Potvin is a research manager and engineer for the injury prevention and mobility laboratory of Simon Fraser University.