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Portrait de Sydney Robinson

Sydney Robinson

Biomedical Engineer and Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur who used my engineering background to design a device that helps amputees do daily tasks in a more painless manner.
Cameron Dickenson

Cameron Dickinson

Senior Engineer, Space Exploration

I work on sensors and camera technology for use on planetary exploration missions.
Peter Visscher devant un tableau blanc

Peter Visscher

Robotic Vehicle Development, General Manager

I work with my team to develop extreme robotic vehicles designed to operate off-road and off-planet.
Nick Di Scipio

Nick Di Scipio

Co-owner of a 3D Printing Business

Alan Locke au travail

Alan Locke

Research Technologist

Peter Yap

Peter Yap

Senior Software Engineer

Peter Yap is a Senior Software Engineer for General Motors Canada.
Scientist testing water samples

Careers in the Great Outdoors

Students explore careers related to outdoors and the land and then design and build a water filter prototype.

Students in a makerspace

Makerspaces for Educators

A makerspace is a collaborative space where anyone can create, tinker, invent and learn by making.

Screen shot from Solutioneers Episode 2

The Solutioneers Week 2: Ready to Roll

This week's episodes and hands-on activity explore re-engineering.

Abigail MacEachern head shot

Abigail MacEachern

Construction Design Manager

Abigail MacEachern is a Design Manager for Pomerleau, located in Nova Scotia.
Students testing a prototype


A prototype is a working model that is used to test a design solution and is typically what is built or created during a student “Design & Build” challenge.

Daryl Dominique - CEO & Designer at CMD Prototyping

Daryl Dominique (Video)

Technology Entrepreneur

Daryl Dominique is a Technology Entrepreneur, located in Ontario.
Daryl Dominique en conférence

Daryl Dominique

CEO & Designer

Daryl Dominique is the CEO and Designer at CMD Prototyping.