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Geometry & Spatial Sense

Student colouring a mandala

Math & Mandalas

In this lesson, students explore the connection between arts, math and mindfulness as they create mandalas.

TTC subway train

Planning for Equity in Public Transit

Learn about how we can use spatial analysis to plan for more equitable public transit.

Earth with pinned locations

The Math Behind GPS

Learn about the history and math behind the Global Positioning System.

Saskatchewan River Delta, Manitoba

What is a Fractal?

Learn about fractals and try making some yourself!

Set of geometry tools

Triangles and Trigonometry

Learn about some practical applications of geometry and trigonometry.

Photographie inbtermittente des étoiles de la Voie lactée, dans l'hémisphère sud du Chili, par Rodrigo Vidal.

Rodrigo Vidal

Architect, Teacher

My work helps people achieve the most comfortable temperature in their building.
Social distancing in the park

Design & Build a Wearable Social Distancing Device

Students will design and build a wearable prototype that would help to enforce the 2 m social distancing recommendation during the school day.

Anghel Saligny Bridge

Why is a Triangle a Strong Shape?

Triangles are very strong shapes which makes them important when building strong and stable structures

Gordie Howe International Bridge: Fluor Project Between Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Ontario

Build a Paper Bridge

Build and test a bridge made out of nothing but paper!