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Organic Chemistry

Vegetables and fruits on display

Plant Pigments

Why are there so many colours of plants? Learn about plant pigments and their role in plants.

Edmund Co

Edmund Co

Food Scientist

I use my chemical knowledge to investigate quality complaints and legal issues for the LCBO.
Emily Moore

Emily Moore

Food Field Application Scientist

I help members in the agri-food industry find the best analytical solutions to their challenges.
Kevin Chen

Kevin Chen

CEO, Co-Founder

Field of tobacco plants, which are a source of nicotine

How do alkaloids cause addiction?

Alkaloids are found in some of the most addictive substances that humans consume. What are alkaloids, and how do they cause addiction?

Algae floating on a pond

Algae Biofuel: Can Pond Scum Power the Planet?

Learn about the potential of algae as a material for making biofuel.

Browning apple

Why Do Apples Turn Brown After You Cut Them?

Has your fresh juicy apple turned an unsightly brown? Learn about the redox reaction behind the transformation.

Suffering from a hangover

Why Do People Get Hangovers?

Why does drinking too much alcohol make people feel so bad? Read about four theories.

A set of lipstick in various colours

The Chemistry of Lipstick

Learn about the organic compounds that make up lipstick as well as about some of the chemistry that goes into this popular cosmetic.

Soapy hands

Stupendous Suds

Every time you wash your hands with soap, there are complex chemical reactions taking place.

plastic food containers, trays and food packaging made from polystyrene

Polystyrene: The Pros, the Cons, the Chemistry

Learn the organic chemistry behind this very useful plastic. Why is recycling polystyrene hard? Why does polystyrene often end up as solid waste?

Electronic cigarette and traditional cigarettes

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Learn how e-cigarettes and other vaping products work, and why scientists and health professionals have concerns about their safety.

orn ethanol plant next to corn field

How is Ethanol Made?

Ethanol is a biofuel that can power a car. Learn about the enzymes, catalysts and processes like fermentation involved in ethanol production.

Lawn mower mowing grass

How Do Plants Use Chemical Signalling?

How do plants use scents? Learn how some plants use chemical signals to send messages to animals or other plants.