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Characteristics of Objects

Screen shot from Solutioneers Episode 2

The Solutioneers Week 2: Ready to Roll


This week's episodes and hands-on activity explore re-engineering.

Hammer and nails

Which Fastener is Best?


Students will learn about the different types of fasteners to investigate which fastener is best for a particular material or job and why.

Children bouncing basketballs

Objects that Bounce


Students develop and apply comparing & contrasting, observing, and predicting as they investigate the properties of familiar objects and materials.

Water slides

How Surfaces Affect Motion


Will it slide or stick? Students conduct a fair test to investigate how different solid surfaces affect the movement of an object on a ramp.

Swivel hook fastener

Exploring Objects, Materials and Fasteners


Students identify and sort objects, including fasteners, according to material and purpose.

Sunken boat

Design & Build a Floating Device


Students work collaboratively to design and build a floating device.

Shoe tread (aligraham, Pixabay)

Design & Build a Non-Slip Boot Tread


Students work collaboratively to design and build a boot tread that will use friction to prevent slipping on an incline.