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Unit 1: Water Systems on Earth's Surface

portait par Mark Simmonds

Mark Simmonds

Career Profiles

Marine Surveyor

I survey all different types of ships to make sure they are safe to operate.
Dominique Poulin headshot

Dominique Poulin

Career Profiles

Mission Scientist

I am in charge of a mission whose goal is to acquire data from space, to monitor water quality in coastal areas and inland waters (e.g. algae).
Hiker filling a water bottle

How can you design the least “expensive” water filter?

Hands-on Activities

Challenge yourself to design the best filter for the lowest cost!

White Sturgeon

Conserving British Columbia’s White Sturgeon


Learn about British Columbia’s White Sturgeon and some of the ways people are working to preserve their habitat.

Michael Leger standing in front of a boat tied to dock.

Michel Leger (he/him/they)

Career Profiles


I use sound and light to measure, describe and map the ocean floor.
Rolls of aluminum

Chemistry in the Aluminum Industry


Learn about the role of chemistry in the aluminum industry.

Hand holding petri dish with bacteria

Colouring Clothing with Bacteria


Learn about using bacteria to colour clothing.

Student wearing a vr headset in a classroom

VR Career Exploration


Students will learn about virtual reality technology and explore careers using this technology.

Pamela Power

Pamela Power (she/her)

Career Profiles

Water Resources Specialist

I provide technical review of projects that may affect water resources to ensure your community’s rights and interests are being considered and protected.
Dolcy Meness

Dolcy Meness

Career Profiles

Nagadjitodjig Aki (Guardian)

I work as a Guardian for the environment and cultural teachings of my community, Kitigan Zibi.
Kaitlin Guitard

Kaitlin Guitard

Career Profiles

Water Quality Technician

I monitor the sea water at salmon farms for harmful plankton and jellyfish.
Mahesh Rachamalla

Mahesh Rachamalla (he/him)

Career Profiles

Graduate Student (Toxicology)

My research will help find solutions for protecting aquatic species from the effects of heavy metals.
Portrait de Melanie Nadeau

Melanie Nadeau

Career Profiles

Chief Executive Officer

I lead the vision and strategy for the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE).
Mike Bryan

Mike Bryan (he/him)

Career Profiles

Hatchery Technician

I work at a fish hatchery in the aquaculture industry.
Benjamin Pauquet

Benjamin Pauquet (he/him)

Career Profiles

Mechanical and Materials Engineer

I design parts for off-road and off-planet vehicles.