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Artificial Intelligence

ulie Hlavacek-Larrond headshot

Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (she/her)

Astrophysicist and Associate professor

I study black holes, which I think are the most fascinating objects in the Universe!
Ilias Hader

Ilias Hader (he/him)

Artificial Intelligence Consultant & Team Leader

I help companies take advantage of AI technologies and I manage a team to build an automated food production system for long space missions. 
Sasha Luccioni

Dr. Sasha Luccioni

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Sasha Luccioni is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Université de Montréal / MILA.
Fleet of autonomous trucks driving on reserved lane

A Case Study of Autonomous Trucks

In this case study, teachers and students will study how artificial intelligence is affecting the trucking industry as a way to explore how technology and society are related.

Steering wheel and dashboard of a 2021 Cadillac Escalade

The Next Chapter in Automotive Advancements

Learn how new technologies are driving the cars of the future.

Chatbot communicating with person

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Learn about the fast-moving field of artificial intelligence and what it means in your life.

Robot thinking about a problem

What is Machine Learning?

Discover how computers can learn and find out about the three types of machine learning.

Hands holding a hot mug

AI and Personal Vehicles

Learn how artificial intelligence systems are integrated in the vehicles we drive.

Chatbot virtual assistant

AI and Human-Computer Communication

Learn about how artificial intelligence and machine learning help us communicate with computers.

Young woman and smart phone with facial recognition

AI and Computer Vision

Learn about how computers see and learn to recognize objects and human faces.

Artificial intelligence concept art

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Learn about the fast-moving field of artificial intelligence and what it can mean for students.

Screen shot from Solutioneers episode 4

The Solutioneers Week 4: Turn That Frown Into Code

This week's episodes and hands-on activity explore AI learning and facial recognition.

Image © exdez,

How Can Your Doctor Use the Data in You?

Scientists are training artificial intelligence to diagnose injuries using x-rays and other medical imagery of you (and millions of others). What improvements and other changes might this bring to the health care system?

Peter Scott | entrepreneur indépendant en informatique

Peter Scott

Independent Contractor

Peter Scott is an independent contractor located in Victoria, British Columbia.
Russell Palmer | Product Manager

Russell Palmer

Product Manager

Russell Palmer is a Product Manager for Viv Labs in California, USA.