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Number Sense & Numeration

Venn and Euler diagrams

Venn and Euler Diagrams

Learn about two ways of representing sets - Venn and Euler diagrams.

Girl working at blackboard

Prime Factors

Learn about prime factorization and least common multiples.

Child holding a clock

Modular Arithmetic

Learn about a special type of math called clock math.

Model of a set

Set Theory

Learn about how we can describe sets and subsets of numbers.

Algebraic equation for the sum of a series of numbers

Gauss Summation

Learn about the history and math of the Gauss Summation.

A mole and the number of atoms or molecules in a mole

Moles and Molarity: Counting and Chemistry from Donuts to Soap

To count tiny things like atoms and molecules, scientists use a measurement called the mole.