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Unit 3: Fields

Dominique Poulin headshot

Dominique Poulin

Career Profiles

Mission Scientist

I am in charge of a mission whose goal is to acquire data from space, to monitor water quality in coastal areas and inland waters (e.g. algae).
Close up of the Sun’s surface

Solar Storms: Exploring the Sun's Explosive Outbursts


Learn about solar storms and how they impact Earth.

Silhouette of person in front of aurora

Auroras: Spectacular Light Shows


Learn about auroras - spectacular light shows in the night sky.

Sun magnetic field lines

The Magnetic Sun


Did you know that the Sun, like Earth, has magnetic field? This field affects our planet and our solar system! Let’s learn more about how it works.

portrait de Steve Lawrence

Steve Lawrence

Career Profiles

Sales Manager

As sales manager for Eos Positioning in Canada, I work with the Sales Reps, Marketing and Production.
Hayleigh Conway posant sur une carte des TNO et désignant Inuvik sur la carte. Pris lors de la Journée du SIG 2017.

Hayleigh Conway (she/her)

Career Profiles

Geomatics Technician

I make maps that help answer questions about the health of the environment in the Western Arctic.
Chris Derksen en train de faire ses recherches sur le terrain en Arctique.

Chris Derksen (he/his)

Career Profiles

Climate Scientist

I use satellite data and climate models to understand how climate change is impacting snow and ice across Canada.
Max Salman aux commandes d'un avion.

Max Salman

Career Profiles

PH.D. Student / Affiliate Researcher

I ask questions to things that don’t have answers yet.
The three RADARSAT Constellation Mission spacecraft

7 ways Satellites Help Fight Climate Change


Discover 7 ways satellite Earth observation helps fight climate change.

Satellites orbiting Earth

Introduction to Satellites


Learn about the history, functions, and types of satellites.

Earth with pinned locations

The Math Behind GPS


Learn about the history and math behind the Global Positioning System.

Testing of the Boeing Starliner spacesuit

Testing Spacesuit Material

STEM Explained

Learn about a new material for spacesuits and the engineer who designed it.

 Old electromagnet

How can I build an electromagnet that moves paperclips?

Hands-on Activities

Design and build an electromagnet which can carry paperclips over a distance of one metre.

Colourful insulating wires

Introduction to Current Electricity


Learn about current electricity and why it should be handled safely

Electrical power lines near a home

Does Living Near High-Voltage Power Lines Cause Cancer?

STEM Explained

Learn about the risks of electromagnetic radiation near high-voltage power lines.