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Emerging Technology

Person with VR gear

Exploring the World of Virtual Reality

Learn about the history of virtual reality and how it works.

Bitcoin logo and motherboard

Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Learn about cryptocurrency and how it came to be.

Secure computer

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Learn the basics of cybersecurity and how to keep your information safe from hackers.

Binary numbers and blocks

What is Blockchain and Why Does it Matter?

Learn about blockchain and how it is used to keep data safe.

Evaline Warmels headshot taken outside in winter.

Evaline Warmels

Mechatronic Engineer

I design, build, and test devices that use electricity to do something that a human couldn't do on their own.
Research in a genomics lab

Genomics Resources

Resource page including articles and career profiles related to genomics.

Fleet of autonomous trucks driving on reserved lane

A Case Study of Autonomous Trucks

In this case study, teachers and students will study how artificial intelligence is affecting the trucking industry as a way to explore how technology and society are related.

Chatbot communicating with person

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Learn about the fast-moving field of artificial intelligence and what it means in your life.

Robot thinking about a problem

What is Machine Learning?

Discover how computers can learn and find out about the three types of machine learning.

Hands holding a hot mug

AI and Personal Vehicles

Learn how artificial intelligence systems are integrated in the vehicles we drive.

Researcher with automation equipment

Helping Patients through Drug Discovery

Learn how researchers from Amgen are developing new drugs for cancer.

Medical image of the brain using Technetium-99m

Innovations in Nuclear Technologies

Learn about why Canada is a world leader in nuclear technology.

Chatbot virtual assistant

AI and Human-Computer Communication

Learn about how artificial intelligence and machine learning help us communicate with computers.

Young woman and smart phone with facial recognition

AI and Computer Vision

Learn about how computers see and learn to recognize objects and human faces.

Testing of the Boeing Starliner spacesuit

Testing Spacesuit Material

Learn about a new material for spacesuits and the engineer who designed it.